Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily Journal October 26: Reading--I Love Readers!

Whether absorbed by a great novel...or just a menu in a Tempe Arizona Vegetarian sidewalk cafe...reading is all good!!

Although my profile claims I am an avid reader, my pace has slowed recently.  Travel, work, writing a lot more (including here) have swallowed time that I used to devote to consuming at least a book a week. 

I have neglected another web site devoted to reading called GoodReadsI mean to get involved again, and update my personal reading list and take in more writing as well as produce it.

I will post my reviews here in the not-too-distant future.

Good reading, I think, is a quietly underrated skill. It's more than merely understanding the words on a's thinking while reading, recognizing various levels of meaning, and being able to have a kind of simultaneous conversation with the author.  Often it's good to hone our skills by reading good books about reading.  One of my favorites is "How to Read Literature Like a Profesor.", by Thomas Foster.

I am a good reader, I think. We need more good readers. Isn't that what we writers live for?

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