Thursday, October 8, 2009

82% Of Americans Want to Write a Book

Arielle Ford, book publicist and author, posted an intriguing article on today's Huffington PostFord examined the reasons why a vast majority of Americans have literary ambitions. A poll found that 82% of Americans believe they have a book in them, (while another survey found only 15% actually buy books.)
My reluctance to start blogging at first was rooted in my suspicion that few people are reading, yet everyone wants to though many are talking, but few are listening.  Yet, the reasons I had for overcoming my misgivings were similar to why I am among the 82%, as noted in my response to Ford's post:
"I am one of the 15% who enjoys buying books....and reading them, too. I am also one of the 82% with a dream to write and publish.
When I get the chance to browse my favorite bookstores, (the ones that are still open), I notice how much junk manages to actually get published. For a serious reader it requires care, and research, to know what to look for, what might be a worthy read, and what deserves the support of the book-buying dollar. One thinks, "Certainly I can do better..." And yet, even terrible books can require a lot of effort to write...
I have loved books and reading for a long time. My first impulse as a young writer of fiction ,my preferred genre, was to imitate my literary heroes...not to claim my "smartness", not really....but to feel that I belonged to an exclusive club of well-respected people with great ideas and the ability to express them.
Don't most of us imitate our heroes at some time or another? I admire those who contribute to the world conversation, who discuss their craft at book festivals, who get their plays produced, and even who win literary awards. Those are the things that inspire me to keep trying!"

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