Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama's Speech to the Human Rights Campaign

I caught the President's speech to the Human Rights Campaign on a number of web sites.  It was similar in rhetoric to speeches made during the campaign to garner support from LGBT constituents.  While the hope has begun to pale a little, like bright paint exposed to too much sun, I take comfort in Mark's assertion of the fact that our President is at least still discussing the issue.  Now, if he could just make this speech to Congress...) 

I mentioned earlier to a fellow blogger ( that I wished it were possible for me to attend the rally and march in Washington DC tomorrow (Sunday, October 11).
I mentioned, too, my hope that press coverage would be least as much as was received by the more contentious healthcare "tea parties".
My fear is that, because the rally will be reasoned and respectable, because there will be no racist placards, or wingnuts carrying guns to intimidate others into accepting their points of view, the event may not be "sensational" enough to warrant more than a cursory glance...
But I hope I'm wrong...I hope it gets a lot of attention....that tomorrow is a real turning point......

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