Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Gay March and My New York Journey: Mystical Connections!

" 'Synchronicity' is the experience of two or more events that are causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. To count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance..." (from Wikipedia)

...Reinvention requires inspiration...

I have had two sets of wonderful, unexplained pairs of events occur meaningfully recently!-- connecting our whirling, indelible trip to New York, and this past weekend's Equality March for Gay Rights and the Human Rights Campaign Dinner.

I now feel that I have been a part of something.....  And I can't shake that mysterious "imponderable" that there just might be meaning in the universe....

First:  As I wrote last week (Oct. 7), our attendance at the Broadway revival of Hair was a pinnacle of our visit to New York:
"BEST OF ALL: Yours truly and my Mark accepted the invitation to join the cast onstage for the curtain-call, along with dozens of others from the audience..........While we sang, and looked upon the audience fogged by the brilliance of the spotlights in our faces, the crew lifted a banner to promote the National Equality March in Washington DC this Sunday (October 11.)"
Then yesterday, I read an article about Sunday's March in Associated Press:

"Joining the march were 20 cast members from the musical, "Hair." They chose to let a Broadway matinee show go dark to come march and were led by the show's star, Gavin Creel.  "I take him at his word," the 33-year-old Creel said of Obama afterward. "This is just the beginning."

I am so glad we saw the show a week before!  Although I could not be in Washington DC, the fact that we attended this magnificent show a week prior, with a cast that was sympathetic to the cause, deepened the experience for me....as though I had committed an altruistic act by being there...

Second: I watched Mr. Obama's speech to the Human Rights Campaign, and read more later.  He amused the crowd by stating that he was there only as an opening act to performer Lady Gaga.  I found a video of her performance that evening, in which she sang a special version of John Lennon's "Imagine"...(click here for video)

Just a week before, on our last morning in New York, we strolled through a sunny Central park, and stopped at Strawberry Fields......John Lennon's Peace Park......and Mark took this photo of your correspondent in reflection................................

Coincidence?  I prefer to think it as "mystic crystal revelation...."!

Naive? Sure, probably....but that innocent feeling is as close to childlike inspiration as I have felt in a while..

Be well everyone....


  1. "There is music in all things, if men had ears."
    I am uncertain of the source of that quote, but certain of its meaning. Keep listening!

  2. Wow, Thank You for your comment!
    I am sure I can learn a lot from you as I visit your pages, and am happy that you are willing to check in on my personal thoughts too, from time to time.

    I will definitely keep listening.

    Welcome! Please return often.

  3. I will log in as a follower, and thank you for writing.