Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Journal October 27---Accidental Invention

Some inventions that changed the world were accidental: the microwave oven, Krazy Glue, vulcanized rubber, safety glass, and penicillin were discovered by those who were in the process of creating something entirely different.

People make efforts to fashion themselves in one way and often discover something more remarkable.  Me?  I went off to college to try my hand at filmmaking. (In the '70's, film as art was a more popular and respected field of study.) To pay my way, I interviewed for a job as a Resident Assistant in my dorm.  On my second try, I got the position... And I was sort of a natural.  The University recognized this, and I was invited upon graduation (the early 80's when there was a horrible recession and few jobs available) to remain as Hall Director of another dorm on campus.

I stayed four more years, full-time!

Life has moved me in crazy and surprising ways ever since.  

Now, I am actively pursuing the writer's life.....and a life of more artistic opportunities with my partner.  In addition to the creative process, I am getting ready to sell my condo, transition out of my current career (even if retirement comes first!), and visualize the places I want to settle, all the time negotiating my current relationships, forming new ones, and moving in tandem with Mark to make it work for us both.

Along the way, it is possible I will find a new "invention" in myself.....so far, I have surprised myself by maintaining this journal...mastering the (admittedly rather easy) technology alone was the greatest accomplishment!

And the nice by-products of my effort  are the really terrific folks who I am meeting---and reconnecting with--through this effort. I thank you all....

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