Thursday, October 22, 2009

Journal October 21: Re-invention--A Summary--Overcoming Discouragement

Is reinvention always a conscious process?
Can one reinvent in ways only noticeable later, with the right self-reflection?

I'm looking back as I began my posts several weeks ago.
In that time, I have:
-- more or less faithfully kept this blog...a new phase and significant change for me for sure!  Just learning the technology was a great stride.
--traveled and kept a writer's journal of the a writer, this has provided me with material I need to possibly go further with my craft, and art..
--had my kitchen re-done.  Sounds silly, but if re-invention involves changing residences, it is a logical step
--have met a few fine people through this journal.  I am happy they are sharing their lives and ideas with me.
Especially  and   And welcome to new followers, Walter Holliman, Kevin Atteridge, and   And of course, a special nod to Doug.

But am I doing enough to make changes? Significant ones?  Is it time to step back and re-evaluate what it is I want to achieve, and decide on the necessary steps?  Has my process been too unfocused? as has my blog-journal?

Well, I have decided that the journal is a personal record...and when I become a well-read, respected artist/writer, these musings will be valuable tools for study!  (how modest). So, it's ok to go in many directions....perhaps, in time, my readers will help direct my efforts, based on what they find most compelling.

On the other hand, I guess I HAVE identified the artists/writer's life as my ultimate goal, the final product of my attempts at reinvention.  Also, Mark and I have a goal to change our residence (Evanston?) in order to feed our creativity, feel a sense of belonging in a more liberal community, and fuel the engine for making real positive changes for us and, in our world, through us.

So now, like the boulders on the Provincetown breakwater, it's time to take the steps, one at a time....

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  1. Tom,

    Another great post. I think it's great to sit back and reflect on the last few weeks of your blog and take stock of all you have accomplished. I think your assessment of "Re-invention" is dead on. Good blogs like yours are organic and as such can and will morph into whatever your mind conjures up. And in your case, it will be a great resource for your future articles, short stories and novels. Thanks for the link to my page! I do appreciate your support very much.