Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A New Dog--Daydreaming

Yes, perhaps I am on the verge of significant changes, ones of my own making and choosing, not the result of failing health or getting old.  Sometimes, I do think about putting it all on hold for the chance to bring another dog into my life. 

I have resisted the temptation to visit shelters and adoption events at local pet stores.  I know that one look into the sad eyes of a loving hound (especially a hound), while placing my hand on her smooth and vulnerable head, will change the course of my life in a big way.....  And halt me in my tracks.

Mark and I have discussed this...We want to travel...prepare for a change in residence....and not create an unstable and unfair environment for a new animal....

But we cannot deny that our caregiving instincts, and our great love for dogs, is a strong temptation.

I guess it's time to write some anecdotes about our ten crazy years with our unforgettable Basset Hound....

"Maggie Johnson"

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  1. It's always a struggle when your logical mind and your emotional heart clash so as in this scenario. I am confident you will make the wise decision. Looking forward to your anecdotes on Maggie!