Thursday, October 8, 2009

Journal, October 8: New York Stories--Travel Anecdotes

Tomorrow I will have more about the Metropolitan museum of Art, and some strong impressions it made on me which I recorded in my journal..  For now, something lighter.....
(And check out the following post, below, about Americans wanting to write books...)

Our trip was filled with small anecdotes and incidents that I will never forget:

--For example, after Mark and I checked in to the hotel (across from Madison Square Garden) we had not eaten for hours, and looked for a cafe or other non-chain eatery. We headed toward Times Square and Broadway, and finally found Juniors, in the heart of the theater district after walking for about an hour. I knew it was the right spot when, over the loudspeakers on the patio, I heard---you guessed it---Joni Mitchell, my musical idol, singing her hit, "Help Me". [Outstanding sandwiches, too.]

--The Naked Cowboy...what's his story? He entertained the crowds on Friday night, in Times Square...

--The Chelsea Market, with wonderful creative foods, pastries, and Jillian's passion, cupcakes.
--A Rice Pudding shop in Little Italy, where Max regaled us with stories about his work in theater and film

--All the GERMANS! Even for an international city, I encountered a surprisingly large number of individuals or small groups from Germany (I even delighted one woman by saying something in her language)... and especially Dominic, a student visiting his sister on holiday, who offered to take our group photo, and engaged us in conversation for agood 20 minutes..

--Saw the Statue of Liberty in the distance off one of the renovated piers at Hudson River Park; then walked on the High Line, a new park constructed on an old freight-train platform....awesome atmosphere, and views.

--Walked by the Stonewall Inn, and in the window was the first issue of the Advocate magazine, with a cover photo of a naked Jon Voight from "Midnight Cowboy".

--The Tick Tock Cafe...Bourbon Street.....Fresco... Places we found and liked a lot...

--Laughing, exhausted, on the subway with Mark.....

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