Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Sudden Movie Barrage

The movie dry spell is over. 

Problem is, after the drought, in which it was an effort to find one or two films per month worth attending, now there is a flood. 

Just a week before the start of the Chicago Film Festival, with its embarrassment of riches from around the world (many of the higher-profile titles are already sold out), our neighborhood theaters are beginning to offer more interesting films in such rapid succession that I am sure I will miss many of them...unless I take some vacation time!

Now playing around town:

"Drive", "Moneyball", "Contagion" and "50/50" are playing at the 20-plex a mile down the street (superheroes, for the most part, are on blessed hiatus).

Andrew Haigh's "Weekend", a gay love story, is now at the famed Music Box theater (along with a matinee revival of my beloved "Last Picture Show"...oh, to see that one on the big screen again!)

"Restless", a quirky blend of "Harold and Maude" and "Love "Story", played for one week and is gone, save for one theater screen that is not easy to get to.

A few of these may have to make way for "The Ides of March" starting next weekend...and the Film Festival begins...

COMING SOON: A Review of the Tony-Award Winning play, "Red" (attending this evening, at the Goodman Theater).


  1. October just looks so good, although here in the UK we're coming off a great September too.

    Which of those options are you most looking forward to?

  2. I can't wait for the International Film Festival!