Sunday, October 30, 2011

Documentary Films Do Good--Let's Have "Motivation Stations" at the Occupy Locations

Michael Moore Occupy OaklandRecently this journal expressed a fervent hope that the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, which has organized sites globally, would become "Too Big To Fail". (That's the phrase that justified the outlandish tax-funded bailouts of financial institutions that proceeded to lay off millions and then pay their executives large bonuses).

The "Occupy" groups seem to have coalesced around more articulate "demands".  But now that the weather is becoming frigid and inhospitable, it would be nice if these protesters had something to keep them motivated.

I recently happened to catch both of the documentaries "Capitalism: A Love Story", and "Inside Job", running on our local cable stations.  Both of these films exposed, for anyone who cared to look, the corruption that led to the financial crisis that has finally moved average people to demonstrate.  Moore's film was especially prophetic.

The filmmakers and their studios, who have crafted important pieces of work that deserve, and need, to be seen, should be prevailed upon to make these films available for legal, free exhibition at the Occupy sites.

Set up what I would call "Motivation Stations". Put up tents filled with information about why the movement has begun, and yes, set up projectors, plasma TV's, laptop computers, anything that is handy, to run these films in continuous loops.

It was heartening to see Michael Moore show up at the Oakland site (click on this HuffPost link), and pay tribute to the Iraq War Veteran who was critically injured in the violent police action that sought to disperse the assembled demonstrators.

Moore, and Charles Ferguson, through their films, can be present at all the sites.  Make the films available, for free. Make sure the Occupiers never forget why they are there, and motivate them to keep going.

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