Friday, October 28, 2011

Emergency! (An Embarrassing Anecdote)--Friday Journal

A little break from movies, Oscars, politics, even dogs.....To share a mildly embarrassing anecdote.  I'm writing this for a laugh or two, and as a perverse memento of the day.

I spend the entire morning at the Emergency room, with a dislocated shoulder.

I was feeling good, looking forward to a busy and productive day.  I even wore my best shirt and tie. As I left the house, I noticed that my car, which I keep parked on the driveway, was covered in ice, and my Drivers-Side door was frozen shut. 

(Having to scrape ice off my car before Halloween is discouraging--no, it's unacceptable.  I must send nasty e-mails to our local meteorologists.  Or,  stock up for a nasty winter to come...) 

I was able to pry open the passenger side, in order to crawl in and try to push the driver's door open from the inside.

As I pushed hard against the stuck door, it opened suddenly, like in a Three Stooges routine, and I slipped, landed on my left hand and felt (and heard) my shoulder pop.

Mark was still home....and I was in some real pain.

We summoned the paramedics, who were great... One of them was giving me injections and nasal pain-killer, and I joked that he was enjoying it too which he gave me an amused grin.....

While I was in X-ray, nauseous from pain-killers and feeling like I might die, the technicians rolled me somehow, and my shoulder snapped back into place....

The sedative (
dilaudid, an opiate drug of the morphine class) made me pretty ill....

Mark, who was patient and stayed with me the whole time, got me home, and I slept all afternoon, fighting an upset stomach.

Finally, I ate a light supper, and am faring pretty well.  Guess I'll have to be productive, and busy, on Monday.

I am supposed to wear a sling, and so I should not even be writing this.

B_t,   I   c_n_o_   k_y_o_r_   w_i_h    j_s_   1    h_n_!

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  1. You clearly haven't kept off the blogging - having read through your last four extensive posts - hope you're getting lots of rest and feeling better.

    Or at least the drugs are taking to places you've never imagined!