Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Dogs Survive the Tsunami--A Wednesday Video Journal

A small bit of good news out of Japan, which I wanted to remember, and share with my visitors.

While the barrage of stories and images of the disaster continues, (of family members grieving over the bodies of their loved ones, of thousands of dead washing up on shore, of damage that may take years from which to recover, of the unknown dangers of radiation from power plants)....I heard about a minor miracle.

On the deepest personal level, even small losses can cause great pain.  In the scheme of things, with horrendous human loss, the loss of family pets may seem minor.  However, to the people who unquestioningly love these creatures as members of their household, the disappearance or uncertain fate of their animals is devastating.

So I was happy that I found the following video offered by the Wall Street Journal. Two dogs, abandoned so that the children in the home could be rescued, were presumed lost.  Incredibly, they escaped their tethers, and moved to higher ground, to be found later, alive and excited, by their owners.

Enjoy this video, as a respite from the catastrophe, and as a small hope that others, human and non-human, may yet have pulled through. 

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