Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good-Riddance to February's Record Snowfall--Like A Classic Film

This has been a long, long winter. Who's ready for spring, warmer weather, longer days, and time outdoors? I'm with you!

Chicago set a record for snowfall in February   This year's 28.7 inches broke the old record of 27.8 inches...set in 1896!

Most of it has melted, although there are still patches that remain from the blizzard of February 1 & 2, which dumped 20 inches of the white stuff, making it the third biggest Chicago blizzard on record.

I have seen enough snow in my life...

At times, we felt as though we were trapped on the set of the classic film pictured below...do you recall what it is?


  1. I'm up in South Dakota, so I definitely feel your pain. :) It looks like it's on the downswing now, though. And is that Dr. Zhivago? Just a hunch...

  2. Yeah, it IS Doctor Zhivago, no? Love Julie and especially Omar here.

  3. You are both correct! Yuriatin, the "ice palace", in Doctor Zhivago. A nice film for a snowy afternoon, isn't it? I always love it when you guys check in and comment on my madness....Thanks!