Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Preview Of The Week In Posts!!

A memorable weekend has helped to restore the creative juices....

A change of scenery... A great choral concert and time spent with many wonderful and talented friends... Rain, and even a flat tire (more this week) have all conspired to put me back in the "writer's seat".  That, and the support of my blogging friends like  Ben, and Tom, and others who checked in this weekend. 

Even since Friday, when I darkened these pages to fill the pipline, world events have become more dire, with the conflict intensifying over Libya....So now there's another story about which to learn more, and form an opinion.

But I have determined that I won't let that paralyze me again.  So here's an itinerary of some of the items coming up on this Journal:

  • The Windy City Performing Arts and their Spring concert, "Bon Voyage" this past Saturday.  This is the third of their musical events I have attended, and the group triumphed over some complex and beautiful material.  I will provide a breezy description of the program, and a personal reaction to the music, the people involved, and the events of the weekend including a mishap...
  • After enduring my marathon of Irish films for St. Patrick's Day, I must give St. Joseph's day equal time with a marathon of films that celebrate the Italian experience (therefore some big titles will go unmentioned).
  • A look back at some clasic films: First, after hearing a great interview with Alan Arkin on NPR, I went back to re-visit his introduction to movie audiences in his first oscar-nominated role, "The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming";  Then, the second of the Merchant-Ivory trilogy of E.M. Forester adaptations, "Maurice".
Reviews of new films will be delayed until there's something that seems promising, and original.  "Jane Eyre" is somewhat appealing...

Plus I'll try to make sense of the escalating conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa.

On to the week ahead....


  1. Duly noted. I'll be returning particularly for the Alan Arkin retrospective. Any chance you could post the link of his NPR talking-up?

  2. P.S. - It should be said that my "type these random letters in to avoid spam" word was "ingen." Clearly blogger is very familiar with my love of all things Jurassic Park. :)

  3. Hey Luke, I plan to do the Arkin piece on Wednesday or Thursday. I thought I would be able to link the NPR interview, so thank you for suggesting it! As always, I look forward to your return visits!