Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Dog-Friendly Greeting From Our Friend In Switzerland

Our friend Jillian sent us a postcard from Switzerland, where she has been staying on business for the past month.  On the front is a photograph of a most adorable Bassett Hound pup, along with a paragraph (in French) called "La Priere du Chien", or A Dog's Prayer.

If a dog were able to write a tribute to its human companion, it might just sound like this.

Here is the actual text, with my fledgling attempt at translation below.  If any of you are fluent in French and English, please send me a correct translation, with my deep gratitude:

"Seigneur mon maître, dont je partage la destinée, ma fidélité n'est pas mesurée aux commodités de la
demeure, ni à la pâtée que tu me réserves. Je garde ta maison comme la mienne qu'elle soit de planches ou
de marbre. Je te suis où tu veux, fais ce que tu m'ordonnes et tout est facile et agréable quand tu me
montres de l'amitié. Car plus que les biens que tu as ou que tu n'as pas, plus que le confort que tu
m'assures ou ne peux m'offrir, j'apprécie la caresse amicale de ta main et ton regard confiant. Montre
moi souvent que je compte un peu pour toi. Seigneur mon Maître, qui est tout pour moi."
"Lord, my master, whose destiny I share, my loyalty is not measured at the belongings you have, or the food you save for me. I consider your home my home, whether it is made of wood or marble.
I will follow you wherever you want, do what you command me, and everything is easy and enjoyable when you look at me with love. For more than property which you have or more than the comfort you
can offer me, I appreciate the friendly caress of your hand and your look of confidence. Notice me often even though I count for very little.  My Lord, you are everything to me. "

See below for a European movie-image of winter...

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