Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Brief Interlude for a Dog

It has been wonderful to go back and inhabit the world of the film "A Room With A View" for the past couple of days.  Look for my essay tomorrow...more personal than a review, but, I hope, professional enough to warrant the attention of my loyal readers.

For now, I am preparing to spend a few nights with a new friend named Smokey.  He's a sweet guy, seven years old, big and playful.  Yes--he is a dog.

It is my first time caring for Smokey, a Black Lab, who I have met and who responded with nothing but love.  Except for the fact that it is getting harder for me to be away from home for extended periods of time, (missing our cozy house, our neighborhood, and Mark), I am looking forward to my weekend with this dog.

Tomorrow, with a day free, time will allow me to complete my writing for "publication" thank you for your patience. Smokey is hungry, and he's waiting. 

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