Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming Soon: My Re-"View" of An Exquisite Classic

From the opening credit sequence, with its colorful and ironic title art and the superb control of the romantic aria, to the marvelous and detailed characterizations and intelligent dialog; from the leisurely buildup of complications to the breathtakingly giddy denoument; this is as close to perfection as I have ever encountered at the movies.

When you say the name Helena Bonham-Carter, I will forever think of Lucy Honeychurch, in a movie of aching visual and aural beauty, sly humor, and soaring romance.  After Bonham-Carter's high-profile appearances on theater screens in 2010, I longed to return to the special film that introduced her to me.

In an upcoming post, I'll take another look at this cinematic gem, describe my first encounter with it in 1986, and judge how well it holds up today as a lively and engrossing entertainment as well as a sumptuous wallow in texture and location. 

It's good for the spirit, it feeds our higher natures, and...It is great fun!


  1. o mio babbino caro....

    such a beautiful film, one of my all-time favorites. so glad to see you writing it up!

  2. Maggie! Now that Harry Potter is wrapping up, can we just collectively ask her to go back to period films? I want to pull one more Oscar out of her filmography in the next five years! We need another Jean Brodie!

  3. I loved writing about this film. I would like to see her do another period film too. But who will greenlight them?