Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Hu?"...Bears vs. Packers...Saturday Madness


Why Football Scares Me:

The President of China visited Chicago yesterday, but the really BIG news all week has been the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers game tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm Chicago time.  Since the two teams are in the same division, they will never meet in the Super Bowl; so this super-rival matchup is as close to a championship faceoff as they can possibly achieve.

Everyone seems to be in on the madness.  A radio station in Green Bay has banned all music by the band Chicago.  Mayor Daley and Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt have a wager: Daley's 15-pound corned beef on rye sandwich against Schmitt's bear steaks, chocolate football, and a pound of cheese for every point in the margin of victory.

Even Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki is putting up a basket of Wisconsin cheese against Chicago Cardinal Francis George's deep dish piza.

And then there are the fashion statements as seen above (with my sincere apologies.)

I wish Chinese President Hu Jintao had stayed in Chicago long enough to attend the game at Soldier Field.  It would have been a public relations gesture on a global scale.  Bundled up in the grandstands in 20-degree temperatures, eating a hot dog, wondering what exactly was going on....

Given the state of the world economy, perhaps before long the Chicago Bears mascot will look something like this.....

(Go Bears!!)

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