Monday, January 10, 2011

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Stay tuned for the following topics this month....

"HUCKLEBERRY FINN": A cleaned-up version of "Huck Finn" has been published, in which all references to the "n-word" have been removed, prompting outcries about artistic integrity, censorship, and how art  reflects the society in which it was created.

OSCARS 1970: The Second Annual  look back at the Academy Awards 40 years ago!  I will captivate you with stories such as:   
--Three (count 'em) war films from 20th Century-Fox;
--A box-office smash with the most nominations (10) directed by a veteran who helmed Natalie Wood and Santa Claus in 1947; 
--The first Oscar-winning performance with a nude scene; 
--A veteran actor who wins without a line of dialog;
--An Oscar nomination refused;
--Vietnam by way of Korea;
--The first Native American acting nominee (come to think of it, the last, too);
--And the most famous chicken salad sandwich in the history of the movies! 

Patti Smith's memoir. "JUST KIDS".  I am excited to recommend it to anyone who cares about art and artists.  And anyone who wants to revel in the era of 1960's music, Warhol, Woodstock, and Bohemian New York.

The week has had a solemn beginning..   Time to rest, and move forward refreshed...  Sleep obliviously, like a dog... look for a new way to see the morning...   Every day is an opportunity to reinvent one's self.... 

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