Sunday, January 16, 2011

Acceptance Speeches I Would Like To Hear Tonight--Golden Globes 2011


I would love to hear the following say "Thank You" tonight to the Hollywood Foreign Press.    These are preferences (not predictions)....

Colin Firth

Annette Bening

Natalie Portman

Geoffrey Rush

Helena Bonham-Carter

Darren Aronofsky

David Seidler,  or

Lisa Cholodenko  (or maybe a tie!!)

Alexandre Desplat

Iain Canning/Emile Sherman/Garethe Unwin

It is twenty minutes before show time. It seems I still have the same excitement in the pit of my stomach that I had at age 12....when I would plan my own acceptance speech for someday...and was inspired to work in earnest on a screenplay that I knew could not lose....

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POSTSCRIPT:  Bening's win, and classy speech, made my night.  Ditto Colin Firth's gracious remarks.  Portman was nervous and I smiled. Cholodenko at least made it to the stage.

So not a bad evening on the whole.

Ricky Gervais has got to go.

I wonder what they bleeped out of Christian Bale's final remarks. 

And Paul Giamatti....who cares what he said, bleeped or otherwise....

My favorite line of the evening was from Jane Lynch: "I'm nothing if not falsely humble. "  And she singled out the creator of "Glee", Ian Brennan
a neighborhood kid whose parents live around the corner from Mark and me.


  1. At least three of your wishes came true :). Lynch definitely had the best line of the night. I actually like Ricky Gervais, he's mean but hilarious!

  2. Thanks for weighing in Walter. Yes, I did get to see a few of my favorites...I am sure you did also!

    I have been fascinated by the widely disparate opinions about Gervais. He sure does have a following!

    As silly as the whole affair is, I still give the Golden Globes credit for trying to recognize excellence in the field. An industry award should make the work the star of the show, not detract from it. Gervais took something away from those accomplishments.

    He is a funny guy but was a bad fit for this type of gig, in my own humble view.