Friday, September 18, 2009

Movie Love: Henry Gibson

I just read Harry Shearer's small gem of a tribute to the late actor Henry Gibson on the Huffington Post, and I was compelled to comment:
I was pleased to see Mr. Shearer's tribute to Henry Gibson. I especially loved Mr. Gibson's portrayal of Haven Hamilton, the pompous, flashy country star in "Nashville", a film that is among my personal top-five, all-time favorites. Henry Gibson was not fodder for the celebrity machine, and was sometimes overlooked and underrated. I appreciate Mr. Shearer's reminder to us of Gibson's calm and wisdom in an entertainment industry that increasingly rewards egotism and hurtfulness. I hope that by his passing, a new audience will discover "Nashville", which, to me, is his finest gift and legacy to movie lovers.
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I have neglected to post reviews of my favorite films, as promised......and I will correct that oversight this weekend.  So:  COMING SOON: "Nashville"

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