Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Daily" Journal September 27--Sunday: Remodeling, and Living Together

I am resolved to keep this Daily Journal daily...if even by recording only one or two lines.  It has been a weekend filled with activity.
I had a long and serious talk with Mark about my recent inability to focus on one thing instead of four or five.  I feel such urgency to finish a story, start a play, read the latest books, understand the news of the day, or visit my favorite blogs.  In the meantime, while doing the hard introspection and work required to enter the creative space, I worry that I am neglecting Mark, or my family obligations, or connecting with friends, or being excellent at work (event management for a local Community College), or my voluminous reading, or keeping up with the latest films... Or the CONDO REMODELING PROJECT!
See, I stay at Mark's house, but I own a condo of my own.  For a while, thanks to our archaic and discriminatory gay marriage (non)-laws, we were legally unable to "cohabitate" for several years.  Now that legal obligations have been fulfilled and deadlines are past, we now have the opportunity to share a home (his)...but first I want to sell my condo.  The contracting and purchasing of materials, the organizing and packing and moving, loom like a phantom that seeps into every aspect of my life..... 
Today, we emptied all the kitchen cabinets, and packed and stored all of it. 
Even though we had to make concessions and maintain separate households for years, Mark and I have managed to make it work, by setting our own rules for the relationship without trying to force it into a preconceived model. 
This week: the kitchen gets re-done!  Next Weekend: our trip to New York City!  Lots of material for life-changing events.

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