Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Journal September 16-- Re-Invention: A Review

Okay, so what do I really mean by re-invention?  And why haven't I dealt with it directly on this blog? (It has been a week, after all...)
The second question is a good one to begin with.  I have to say that the very act of creating this site has been a reinvention, and I didn't make that clear to my readers (because it was so obvious only to me)......It's scary, and I guess I didn't want to jinx it by being too cocky this early in my "career"...How's that for an excuse for avoiding my own topic?....Each post is an experiment...a rehearsal...a practice for something more significant....your comments and support fuel my efforts.....
  Reinvention, to me, is taking what's there--the dreams, the abilities, the talents, the hopes--and discovering new uses for them, new ways of achieving them.  It can be as simple as outward appearance, ways to stay healthy, trying a new style of dress, shedding a pound or can be a protection against the uncertain economy, something to "fall back on", learning something that you can use now, or can be a summoning of courage (and evaluating of resources) to try something new (writing a play, learning a language), to go somewhere you've always wanted to go (New York...two weeks!!)  to create something unique (a painting, a photograph, a play).....AND ALLOWING THESE TO HELP DEFINE YOU.
It can be discouraging if you're trapped in a routine.....
So, if you're in that spot, or if you're on the brink of making a change or doing something new, why not leave a comment, and find some encouragement from the stories of others? 

My journey so far:
  • much so that my political views, attitude toward culture and media and openness about myself have significantly changed...Like an attitudinal body-building regiment
  • Working out....Not Charles Atlas exactly....but finding enjoyment in it...a shared activity with Mark...and making new friends
  • Writing a lot more
  • Wanderlust...a newfound fascination with the possibilities of travel....I need to travel outside of the US again; it is a real goal.....

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