Friday, September 18, 2009

Daily Journal September 18--The Blind Poodle

For a few years now I have agreed to care for the dogs of a few friends who travel often.  My regular cuatomers are a Border Collie, a Wheaten Terrier, a household of three (A 10-year-old Golden-Shepherd mix, a 14-year-old mixed breed, and a 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who can't walk), and a sweet black Poodle who is blind.
I'm sitting with the blind poodle this week.
She is a sweet dog, but very devoted to her family and so not warm to me.
I try to be patient as she makes her way...she does not like to be petted by me, and doesn't always eat well.  Because she is often disoriented, she growls for no reason...and at other times, she is excited by my presence and comes to me and jumps up on me.
As the week goes on, she should come around, as she did last March when I first sat for her.
In a way I do this to keep dogs in my personal life---Mark and I have not replaced Maggie yet.  I realize too that it is a way I define myself.....and have invented a new use for myself, one that could be in high demand, and may become a source of sustenance in lean times or retirement. 
Besides, I do it for the dogs, and love it.

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