Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daily Journal September 10----Dogs in my World

I guess you might say that there are few people who love dogs more than I do.  This is the first of many stories I will publish about the dogs I have known......and Maggie, the basset hound Mark and I raised for ten years, was the most significant one: most humorous, most challenging, most lovable, most heartbreaking.

A woman I work with adopted a beagle-mix three weeks ago, and now, the dog is having seizures, the same thing which afflicted Maggie until we made the agonizing decision to show her one final act of kindness.  My co-worker's dog, named Molly, has already found a place deep in the affections of her entire family.  I have a feeling it will be a very emotional recovery; providing the dog recovers, and I hope she will.
Maggie left us on Groundhog Day, February 2, 2008.  But it is as though she still controls our home....her presence is still felt....we have little reminders everywhere.  Friends ask us all the time if we are getting a new dog.  I think we will someday.  For now, I am happy to share my stories of Maggie with you.  Hope that all of you will tell me about your favorite canine companions.

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  1. Late at night, sometimes, I still expect to hear Maggie's familiar sigh from underneath the table when I walk into the kitchen. I feel her presence there in the darkness -- especially now that the weather is colder. She lives in my heart.