Friday, December 10, 2010

Stars For The Buddy Foundation--Friday Journal #1

The Buddy Foundation is continuing a wonderful, sentimental holiday tradition.  In the lobby of the shelter is a large evergreen tree, decorated with many animal-themed ornaments.  On it you will also find a number of yellow stars with names written on them.

To benefit the shelter, patrons may purchase a star and write the name of a pet that was loved and lost, a small commemoration to grace the tree.  We will remember Maggie again, as well as our boyhood dogs: Happy, Bonnie, Tippy, and the pets of our friends: Hunter, Mitzi, Blackie, Cookie, and all the rest.

Do you have a pet you would like to remember in this way?  Just send a brief remembrance in the comment section, along with the name of your pet, and on your behalf, a star will be placed on Buddy's tree.

My buddies will thank your for your kindness...


  1. For my cat, Kitka. It's been four years, but I'll never forget you. The wisest and funniest of felines.

  2. Walter, Kitka will be remembered. You are sweet for sharing your memory. A star will be placed on the Buddy Tree on your behalf.
    Hope you will share more about Kitka soon.