Sunday, December 19, 2010

Love, and Life, To A Wayward Coyote

Stories about the goodness of people who save helpless animals in trouble allow me to preserve a positive, sane outlook.  Here's a nice story from close to home. 

A coyote was spotted drifting on an ice floe in the middle of Lake Michigan on Friday.  A Fire Department helicopter, on routine rounds, discovered the cold and frightened animal, and summoned a fire boat.  Two crew members kept trying to reach for the coyote to pull her aboard, but the ice patch, by then not much bigger than she was, kept floating away out of reach.

Finally the boat got close enough for Animal Care and Control worker Miguel Hernandez to snare the animal and bring her aboard the boat, and then to Belmont Harbor on their way to Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

The coyote was named "Holly" in commemoration of the season.  She is receiving treatment for frostbitten paws, but otherwise is doing well.


  1. That is heartwarming. Thank for sharing Tom. I love these type of stories.

  2. Thank goodness she's okay! Thanks for this heartwarming post Tom. It's great to hear about a good deed like this.

  3. Dave...Glad to see you again, it has been a while!

    Stan, your visits and comments are always appreciated.

    Thanks for the kind words! Animals are lucky to have you two as their champions.