Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coming Up...A Look Back (Thursday Journal #1 of 3)

2010 has been a full and interesting year, both on the world stage, and personally.

I hope all of you enjoy a better year in 2011.  I hope things improve....the economy....our politics... movies.... 

Over the weekend I'll take another view of the films I have seen in 2010.  My moviegoing has been less frequent, so I can't honestly offer a 10-Best List.  But I will tell you what I liked a lot, what left me cold, and whether I have had second thoughts about any films after writing my initial reviews.

I am excited to take you back to some highlights in my year: selling a condo in this dreary housing market, moving to the land of "Glee" and "The Blues Brothers", entering an NPR writing contest (and held to 600 words---YIKES!), unforgettable shelter anecdotes, the mind-expanding trips to San Francisco, and a "meme" I was invited to contribute one sentence to (by the way, whatever happened to that? Never did get the completed "story!)

It's a good time of year to re-consider more creative pursuits, and what to expect next year: writing; travel; news that I have followed with interest; whether we will finally welcome a new dog into our lives; if we will somehow manage to make our first trip to Europe together (and really test my Italian-language skills); and whether we will suffer an imminent and difficult loss of any of our loved ones, or if they will continue to hang tough....

It will be fun to see if Broadway will finally present "Spiderman" without further injury and loss of revenue....If 3D movies will improve, or if the trend has run its (and WHEN) the US military will incorporate openly gay personnel into the ranks....if WikiLeaks will uncover additional scandals, about political figures or the financial industry (and if people will pay attention)....if the Academy will unfriend "The Social Network" and make a royal decision...and what that circus known as Congress will accomplish, as the 2012 Presidential campaigns heat up...

So, stay tuned....and enjoy the following two pieces: Joni Mitchell at the gym, and the survival of marriage. (Yes, I am all over the board today.)


  1. I'll take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year! ....and all the critters too!

  2. Stan, I--and the critters--wish you a wonderful 2011. I appreciate your visits and hope I will see you here more in the coming year!