Thursday, December 30, 2010

Joni Mitchell in the Locker Room--Thursday Journal #2

At the Wellness Center, where Mark and I work out, the overhead speakers play mostly '70's rock.  It's fun to listen to, and pretty non-threatening, somthing familiar to concentrate on while we're pushing to maintain our physiques.  (!)

Most of the time this music exists barely noticed.  It plays in the locker rooms too, which provides a good background for "macho" banter between guys of all ages as they're changing, drying and getting caught up with each other.

Yesterday my ears perked up like a dog's, when I heard the opening guitar and sweet notes of  Joni Mitchell's "Help Me". 

(Play the song here..

This was one of Joni's biggest hits, and remains a popular classic.

What amazed me is how quiet, almost reflective, the room got.  The voice, and jazzy melody, seemed to lift everyone and compel them to good-natured musing.  You could almost see the calm settle on everyone...and someone over the wall of lockers started to whistle along.

Next year I'll look to Joni Mitchell's songbook for material for this journal, and write about what the songs, and Joni's presence in my creative life, have meant to me.


  1. I love Joni Mitchel! Bought her "Blue" album way back in the day. Her body of work is amazing. I miss artists like her these days.

  2. Joni created a marvelous body of work. I am glad you and I share a love of "Blue"!! She is perhaps my favorite songwriter/poet.