Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie Musings--Tuesday Journal in Short Takes

Golden Globe Nominations:

While some in the blogosphere have already written off "The King's Speech", it leads the way in Golden Globe Nominations with 7.  Critical darling "The Social Network" and cult favorite "Inception" also made the Best Dramatic Picture cut along with the intrigung "The Black Swan" and the Rocky-like "The Fighter". 

I have seen two of the five, and oddly they have been two of my least well-liked movies this year. The good showing for "Speech", Tom Hooper's period drama, helps make up for its exclusion from the AFI (American Film Institute) Top 10 list (apparently, it's too British). 

For best Picture, Comedy/Musical,  "The Kids Are All Right" is in the running, in an uneven category that places it against Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland", the comic book "Red", Cher's camp comeback "Burlesque", and Johnny Depp (again) in "The Tourist" (really?  a comedy??). 

I need to catch up on my filmgoing.

Danny Boyle's "127 Hours" may have proved too gruesome for the Hollywood Foreign Press; and I have heard that the Coen's "True Grit" seems to be getting a mixed reception at current screenings.

As I said before, there is an undue emphasis on regarding movies as though they were pieces in an awards chess game.  It's nice when movie fans and casual filmgoers take a chance on a "King's Speech", because of its Awards cachet, and wind up really enjoying it.  And yet, how often do we go to watch "The Black Swan" or "The Tourist" just because we find the subject matter appealing, and because we want an aesthetically pleasing experience, without assessing its compeitive chances?  

I may watch the Ceremonies on January 16 out of a sense of amused curiosity, but I won't get emotionally involved this year.  Or, I may just wait to see the results in the news on January 17th.

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When Awards Mattered:

The first time my parents allowed me to watch The Golden Globes, (which were broadcast on a third-tier network at 10:30pm,) one of the big winners was "Cabaret".

Friends of this blog know my passion for this film.

Tonight, it is being broadcast on Turner Classic Movies!

I watched the first 15 minutes and came away inspired, filled with excitement, dazzled by the visuals and rhythms and color.  It oozes what most of this year's contenders can't even aspire to.....

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Coming Soon:

There's a great new book that I'm currently reading, a biography of Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush in "The King's Speech".  The book of the same title is sort of a tie-in to the movie, but covers a broader period of time, and is a wonderful read.  Look for my review soon!


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  1. Cabaret! Love it. It should have won Best Pic that year, sorry Godfather fans.

    I want to see Black Swan, but that's about it right now.

  2. I think there's a lot more than just awards intrigue connected to Black Swan interest. My sister, who does not keep up with "the race" (such an odd and cynical phrase), is positively champing at the bit for it, and all her friends are just as excited. But then, they're the "artsy" crowd.

    And OH! Cabaret! I thought Godfather deserved (though it's still masterful) until I saw Cabaret. Did Fosse ever make a bad movie? It seems like they're all winners.

  3. I agree with you both, "Black Swan" is appealing apart from any award consideration.

    I'm glad, too, we are all "Cabaret" champions. Nice to know I have you in my corner!

    (Sad to note that Bob Fosse directed only five movies.)