Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Writer's Journal--A Prisoner Trains Dogs

I'm working on a short story/novella about a young man who is selected to participate in a detention-center dog-training program.

This idea has haunted me for a while....and I have been balancing several elements:

-Who is the protagonist, and what was his crime?   First, he must be a fierce protector and lover of dogs. I imagine he injured (killed) someone who was abusing a dog.  Is the guy on his own? Is he a loner?
-Should this character tell the story in his own words?
-I want some authenticity..NPR did a piece this summer about Puppies Behind bars, and today USA Today did a feature about this program.
-The character had to leave a dog behind as he entered the facility...Does he see the dog again before the story ends? I can make a good case either way...and the tone of the final story will change with which ending I choose
--I imagine he meets the person who will someday get the dog he trained. I can't find a precedent for this in the literature.  Can I take dramatic license to make this work?
GOAL: Finish this story before Christmas.
There is the spirit of a basset hound somewhere in this piece....

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  1. Tom, the story is there within you, waiting to be picked like a big ripe plum. You need only to channel your inner basset hound and it shall unfold unto you. Just chant this mantra and all will become into focus. "Arrrrooooooooo!" LOL!

    Best of luck with the story.