Monday, November 2, 2009

Journal November 2--Regrouping...Volunteering

Tonight while I'm recovering from an annoying cold, I'm reviewing what steps I've made to re-invent myself.  Hope to get some feedback and/or support, and lend some encouragement of my own to the efforts of others to change ...

--I'm continuing the journal here regularly. The discipline of doing this is clearing my head for more significant work in the pipeline.  I've enjoyed starting the series on our beloved basset, the capsule reviews of favorite films, and the current events "editorials".  Not to mention the travel journals (more to come).  I want to introduce my love for the music of Joni Mitchell...I suspect there are others out there, from California to Maine!! (hope to hear from some of you).  She is a creative inspiration to me.
--I'm working on the short story about the young man in a detention-center dog-training program.
--I have been researching the web, and decided to sign up with the
Volunteer Center of Northwest Suburban Chicago.  I want to utilize my skills and interest in literacy programs, animal care and advocacy, food distribution, conservation, or offer my time to whatever and wherever my skills and knowledge are needed. 
--I'm enthused about studying some languages on my own...French, Italian...and continue building up my Spanish vocabulary and grammar.  I have not started yet, so it doesn't really count...but it is a direction in which I want to expand my boundaries.  Europe--2011!

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  1. Kudos Tom for lending your expertise to such a worthwhile cause. It seems you have a lot on your plate (with a lot more to come) which only makes your efforts that much more admirable. Best of luck with your multiple pursuits!