Monday, November 2, 2009

From Joni to Verdi...Hitchcock to Bertolucci

--In the weeks ahead, I'll offer my reflections on the lyrics and music of an artist I truly admire, Joni Mitchell.  Beyond that, I am becoming a fledgling opera buff, and am staring to study the topic in earnest.  More on that as well...and I invite other opera lovers to talk about your interest in opera.  I just purchased "Verdi's Greatest Hits"

--Just watched Hitchcock's "Vertigo" on Turner Classic Movies.  Stylish and suspenseful, and ultimately chilling....cold, even.  it's a hard film to warm up to, and the ending may leave you in despair...but as an exercise in suspense, it is extremely effective.  Prior to the feature, TCM aired a trailer for the sumptuous and underappreciated "The Last Emperor".  This is, to me, a classic epic as powerful and intelligent as "Lawrence of Arabia"; and I enjoy it even more. 

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