Sunday, November 8, 2009

Journal, Sunday Night November 8-- Reinvention, and A Day of Literary Pursuits and Friendship

This morning Mark and I drove to the north side of the city (Chicago) to spend some time in the section of Halsted Street they call "Boys Town".  We wanted to see if our friend, who used to work at the suburban coffee shop and who transferred to this neighborhood, might be there today. 

When we arived, the terrific women at the counter went out of their way to check Charles' schedule and let us know that he was working this evening.  So, Mark and I stayed for a while anyway, had our weekly Scrabble tournament, and did a bit of writing.  I was in complete bliss in the surroundings, with people among whom I felt supremely comfortable.  Being there helped me find my muse...I completed the review of "An Education" (see below).

Mark did some journaling too.  His topic was much more personal, and emotional, as he sought to create a tribute to his mother.  I think it is wonderful that he is seeking to memorialize her now, while she is still alive and doing well.  I know how concerned he is about losing her someday, as she has been an important influence in his life.  If Mark reads this he should know that when that inevitable day comes, he will not face it alone.

Soon, to our surprise, Charles walked in, and was pleased to find us there. He arrived early to get a bit of work in and complete a class assignment before his shift began.  Happily, the three of us chatted for some time before Charles settled in to his work, and Mark and I packed it up to find some lunch.

Seeing Mark pour over his journal, and hearing about Charles' academic challenges, I carried a lot of inspiration with me for the rest of the day....

It is a simple, nondescript story I know....but I believe that if we can find, in the seemingly ordinary events of the day, the inspiration to do new things, then we will always have the energy we need to take that next step on the "breakwater" of reinvention.


  1. it was great to see you guys there today! a pleasant surprise for sure. Good thing I decided to go in early.

  2. Charles, it is so nice to have you visit! I hope you will continue to do so. ~Tom