Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks.....

Thank you......

....To all of my readers, and especially those who stop a minute to comment.   I am lucky to have your support, and I hope to continue to earn it.

...To old friends, who have maintained permanent place for me in their lives, who still enrich my life with their interests, and are ready to laugh and cry with me as needed.

....To new friends, who provide me with endless inspiration and encouragement,  fresh ideas and things to learn and explore, and who willingly accept what I try to give to them...

....To the many dogs in my life, past and present, who each have unwittingly put me in touch with the best part of my humanity.

....To language and words, especially words of comfort and encouragement.  Cynics dismiss these as mere platitudes....but if words can persuade us, or arouse us, or make us laugh, or incite us to express an opinion,-- then certainly a well-turned, simple and eloquent phrase can soothe a hurt, calm an anxiety, inspire an extraordinary deed, or remind us that we're not alone.....I saw one such phrase on a white board at, of all places, the health seemed particularly appropriate today...

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

....To my partner, who accepts me, flaws and all, loves me anyway, and has done everything to give me the room I need to grow and re-invent myself.  I couldn't ask for more, and can never adequately express my gratitude.


  1. Thank you, Tom, for providing so much wonderful reading on such a fun mix of topics. And thanks for your many insightful comments and for your undying interest and support of your fellow bloggers and followers, particularly myself! Thank you for your friendship and for inspiring me to strive to do more, and to do it better. It has been a real treat sharing this time with you.

  2. Tom, thanks again....don't know how long I might have continued if you hadn't stumbled upon these pages early on.