Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Political Interlude: Sunday Journal

The Republican party must be breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Herman Cain, former Domino's Pizza CEO and one-time front-runner in the 2012 Presidential bid, has closed his campaign and has withdrawn from the race.  Allegations of sexual harassment, and a possible 13-year extramarital affair (scandals which always mean the death knell to"moral" Americans, stirred by the media into a self-righteous frenzy) sealed Cain's Presidential downfall.  So now, many conservative Republicans, "true" Americans (who hate Mr. Obama), no longer need worry about throwing support behind one of their own candidates who is of the "wrong" race.

And now, the attack dogs of Fox News seem to be nipping at the heels of presumptive front-runner Mitt Romney.  Romney's interview with Brett Baier last Tuesday was more than awkward, it was an uncommonly aggressive grilling by Fox News of one of their own.  Or IS Romney one of their own?  I don't like Romney as a politician or a Presidential candidate; I think he and his campaign are capable of the basest dishonesty in order to besmirch an opponents reputation. (See my post, "On Romney's Deception", Nov. 30). 

But much as I dislike Romney, I hate even more the seemingly heinous and transparent reason why other Republican candidates and the Conservative Fox news are going after him:  It seems to me they are trying to force a Romney meltdown, so that those same conservative Republicans no longer need to worry about throwing their support behind one of their own candidates who is the "wrong" kind of "Christian".

It looks like it's working, at least this week. New Gingrich, an old-boy politician, has now moved into the front-runner position in the Republican Presidential race.

Thus the collective sigh of relief, if my hunches are correct.

The Obama camp is thrilled at the Republican infighting, because they are now going after Romney for the same reasons that the Obama campaign itself would attack Romney, mainly, flip-flopping on major issues (see this article in Politico, Team Obama Cheers On Newt, Dec. 3).

Well, when it's all over, maybe Cain, Romney, and maybe even Gingrich, can supplement their book deal incomes with jobs as political "analysts" (emphasis on the first two syllables) on Fox News.

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