Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Concert Time, Coming Soon... And Quiet Time To Myself, Tonight

Tonight is the final rehearsal for the 2011 Holiday Concert performed by the Windy City Gay Chorus and Aria!

With 2 shows on Saturday, December 3 and one matinee on Sunday, December 4, the auditorium of Senn High School in Chicago's Roger's Park will be ringing with traditional beauty and camp humor.

Since September, I have heard Mark repeatedly rehearse the second tenors' portion of the concert. Now, I will finally have a chance to hear it all put together.  Also, the concert promises some visual treats, and a special appearance by "Mrs. Santa Claus".

Aside from the fact that I am somewhat biased by Mark's performing in the group, I have enjoyed every single program I have attended since June of 2010.  Once again, I look forward to being moved, surprised, and amused.  I'll have a review by Monday.

As usual on the night of the final rehearsal, I am on my own, relaxing in a room in Evanston, safe and warm on a chilly night. These year-end concerts allow me a chance to reflect back on the year that was.   2011 was often a strange and difficult year, and at other times it has been a year of discovery and enjoyment.  A sad and deteriorating family situation has occupied my thoughts. Career sometimes becomes an almost robotic series of tasks to complete.

To counter these things, meaning was sought in other, more fulfilling activities.  There has been the writing, and our trips to Chicago for theater, film, and immersion in a neighborhood that welcomes us.  Best of all was Italy, with Mark, for me a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

I'll do a more thorough re-evaluation of the year, and how we survived it, in a retrospective later this month.

Did I mention the writing?   As an activity, writing has become even more essential than ever.  More than anything, the 2-plus-year activity of creating this blog has let me  define myself first and foremost as a writer. 

I hope folks are still visiting, and reading here.  Either way, it's still a record of a daily life, a personal exercise, a worthy journal. I see the writing becoming stronger.  I still get excited when I find a comment.

The blog continues to allow me to focus on other things, things that make life more interesting. 

Like the Windy City Performing Arts!  "Let the music play....."


  1. The writing *is* getting stronger, your film reviews full of profound analyses, passionate arguments and pure pleasure that often get me to reevaluating my own opinion. Your personal essays are full of your natural warmth but also have become more and more the work of a distinct voice; you are crafting some brilliant work here. And, of course, I always look forward to your Windy City Gay Chorus and Aria posts, as they do allow me into the concert without ever leaving LA.

    Sorry for my prolonged absence, but I will be going back to comment on your past posts this week. Always a pleasure!

  2. It is so good to see you here again, Walter. I was just telling Mark that I had not heard from you and wondered if you were OK.

    Your comment was a real boost to my spirits, and a vote of confidence that is so appreciated... Thank you for your exceedingly kind words, and for reminding me that this effort still matters.

    I wish you could join us in person for the concerts! Maybe, some day, you will.

    I look forward to your return to the blogosphere...your absence has been sorely felt..and you have been badly missed.