Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Royal Wedding Goes to the Dogs


Wouldn't this be a cute twist on the Royal Wedding, all in good fun?

It is hard to avoid news of Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding this coming Friday.  I have heard that Londoners may try to escape the madness.  (I, myself, regretfully turned down my invitation...!)

While the media will, as always, over-analyze everything and hype it to death, it's an event that happens maybe only once a generation; and from what I have seen, I like the bride and groom.  I wish them much happiness.

Most of all, I appreciate the Royal Family's long-running love and care for their dogs.  I have mixed emotions about Royalty and its  function or necessity.  But as this Monarch is a dog-lover, I must  acknowledge her. 

If I owned a TV network, ALL of my coverage of the wedding would be through the eyes of the ten dogs currently occupying the Palace.

It would be the most frolicsome reality show since the Puppy Bowl (Animal Planet's counter-program to American Football's Super Bowl).

For over 30 years, Queen Elizabeth has continued the Royal tradition of keeping Welsh Corgi's.  Now, there is a hybrid in the clan...the Dorgi. 

Introducing the canine cast of royal characters:

Emma, Linnet, Holly, and Willow are Corgis; Cider, Berry, and Brandy are Dorgi's.  The Queen also looks after the late Queen Mother's three Corgis: Rush, Minnie and Monty.

So...what's a Dorgi?

Apparently, one of the Queen's Corgi's committed an indiscretion with Princess Margaret's Dachshund.  And a new breed was created:

Pembroke Welsh Corgi


= The Dorgi

You just have to love them!


  1. sharing this with my girlfriend. she LOVES corgis, and is sure to fall for the ears on that dorgi.

  2. Princes Diana was a great princes everyone will say this she was kind hearted but she is no more now anyway we shall see Middleton will fulfill her role.

  3. Walter, these critters are irresistible. I hope your girlfriend enjoys the pictures! (And apologies for a glaring typo which I have since fixed.)

    Prasad, I appreciate your first visit!

  4. Oddly Corgi's are one of the top five breeds of dog here in the UK but I never see them when I go for a walk in the park opposite where I live. Probably because the unacknowledged most popular breed is the mongrel and I see plenty of them!