Sunday, April 10, 2011

Arizona Post-Cards, Sunday April 10: Desert Garden

A gorgeous Sunday!  No remnants of Saturday's chill and rain (see post below). Perfect for a morning of hiking and closely observing tranquil nature at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. 

The Gardens are just a mile from our residence in Scottsdale.  Normally on such a wistfully beautiful morning we would walk.  We took the car to spend more time surrounded by desert plants and daytime wildlife.... 

Hummingbirds, especially, were plentiful, hovering as if posing for the photos I was so eager to get... (ALL photos on this page are originals!)

Temperatures hovered in the low '70's.  We both had sun hats, and I chose to wear mine hanging fashionably down my back.  My neck and scalp are tingling now...thank goodness for the soothing coolness of aloe..It really works!

Many of the desert flowers were in triumphant bloom.. Even the smallest blossoms made a great statement, if you could get close enough! 

When we are able to make a permanent seasonal move to this area that I love so much, I will slow down, and take the time to learn as much as I can about these delicate yet resilient plants that survive great heat, little water, and yet show such marvelous colors.

(For more about the wonderful Desert Botanical Gardens, click here.)

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