Sunday, April 10, 2011

Arizona Postcards, Sunday April 10: Record Cold

All we really wanted was to be warm. So we traveled to Phoenix....

Saturday set a record for the coldest high temperature for April 9 in Phoenix: only 53 degrees. 

While areas up north like Flagstaff received about 12 inches of snow, and roads to the Grand Canyon were closed, we endured a whole day of steady rain and damp, cold temperatures.  A ghostly mist rose up from empty heated swimming pools all over town.

It did not ruin our day.  Like seemingly every tourist in town, and every family with small children, WE WENT TO THE MALL!

Scottsdale Fashion Square is the largest and most well-known shopping center in Scottsdale.  It is filled with the typical chain stores found in malls all over the country, as well as some of the higher end establishments that would attract characters from Sex in the City.  There's a 10-screen multiplex Cinema, and a food court.

A food court in a mall at noontime is a treacherous place.  Loud, warm, dizzyingly crowded, with the aroma of pizza, sweet and sour sauce, and grilled hamburgers, and filled with predatory parents with strollers ready to pounce on any newly vacated table. 

Seemed funny to us...we could hear it now:  "Let's buy a $500 shirt at Nieman-Marcus, or drop a grand at Jimmy Choo's, and then eat a $7.95 Panda Express lunch special surrounded by screaming kids and tired moms."

We decided to wait for a quiet secluded table in a local establishment known for their southwestern salads and homemade cornbread.  It was a good choice.

Did we shop? Mostly we hiked.  I got some no-show socks. Mark got a pair of sunglasses whose glare-resistance is questionable.  We each got a new shirt (on sale, well under $100--put together).

And then we went to the movies.  "Source Code" was our choice, and it turned out to be an extremely well-made suspenser with surprising heart.  It was far-fetched as these things go, but tightly made and plausible within its own set of logic.  AND--it was made in Chicago, so we were treated to images of back-home.

I will review "Source Code" soon; the first 2011 film I have attended.

Sunday was much warmer...We got ourselves back to the garden.....


  1. Beautiful pictures Tom! Thank you.
    It is quite amazing how those plants and flowers can survive the extreme temps, etc. Looking forward to when your dream of living there comes true. It will be a whole new life and one which I'm sure you will embrace with curiosity and passion. It's great to be able to follow along in the background.

  2. Scottsdale, eh? As a pop culture nerd, all I can think of when Scottsdale is brought up is Jan Levenson's sister on The Office. :)

  3. Cheryl: Every year the dream gets closer. I was so happy to receive your has been a while! Glad you enjoyed our pictures.

    Luke: Here's a new item for your pop culture files: "Transamerica" with Felicity Huffman (2005) was filmed in Scottsdale. So was "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" (1999)!