Sunday, February 20, 2011

Westminster Dog Show--The Big Winner; and a Well-Balanced Bassett

The gentle, dignified Scottish Deerhound won Best in Show earlier this week at the Westminster Dog Show. The Deerhound is not a household name among dog owners in America, but now with the spotlight on this good-natured sight-hound, more people will want to bring one of these friendly creatures into their homes. 

Deerhounds are bred to run after rabbits and red deer.  They are happiest with a yard where they can run, and once they have had sufficient exercise, they are content to stretch out on the floor, happy to just sleep.

These dogs, which resemble wire-haired greyhounds, are docile and eager to please.  And, being dogs, they are refreshingly honest...Case in point, Hickory, the five-year-old who was the surprise winner at Madison Square Garden.

At this time of year, we are surrounded by images of celebrities inundated by countless interviews, photographers, and scrutiny, and we hold our breath for our favorites lest they stumble, or appear tired. 

So it was great fun to learn that, after the Dog Show when Hickory was the subject of post-victory news conferences, she finally had enough, and simply walked off the stage, to the secret delight of Angela Lloyd, Hickory's handler.

Westminster contestant Nicole, a Basset Hound from Chehalis, Washington, poses for a photograph in the lobby of the Hotel Pennsylvania Saturday Feb. 12,  in New York.

This is a difficult trick for these comically unbalanced dogs.  And I love the protective ear-gear, which would be a hit on any red carpet.

One may reinvent his purpose in life, or adjust to the changes in technology to remain relevant, or completely change the course of his career or residence.  But I can promise you, that in spite of all of the changes, I am grateful that dogs are so wonderfully predictable, that I have no choice but to love these creatures forever.


  1. I love hounds ... Woo Woo!

  2. Oh wow - it's totally a step away from your usual post, but I'm loving it! For starters, it's making me pine for some Christopher Guest viewing stat... and I would officially like to give that basset-hound a giant hug.

  3. Best in Show was hilarious!! Yes, Bassett Hounds are very huggable...we miss our Maggie terribly...