Monday, February 7, 2011

Catching Up With Readers' Comments


Just a quick acknowledgment and big THANK YOU to those who have followed me here and commented, especially on my extended series on the Oscar films of 1970.

I appreciated every one of your articulate and interesting contributions to the year, the films, and my views on them.

I did my best to go back and reply to all of you as completely as I could to your kind comments on the series, as well as the in-between interludes about the current Oscar race.

So, my special thanks to Ben at Runs Like a Gay, Walter at Silver Screening Room, Eric at Daventry Blue, Andrew at Encore's World of Film and TV, Luke at Journalistic Skepticism, Bill at Bill Up Close, as always Mark Johnson, and my "anonymous" visitors whose support and presence I sense here, and appreciate.

I suppose I will be here analyzing the 2010 Oscar Race, offering my opinions on the contests between Colin Firth and Jesse Eisenberg, Annette Bening and Natalie Portman, and Black Swan and King's Speech, when I look back at this year 40 years from now, in 2051!!

Coming Up:  A Look at a New stage production at Chicago's Goodman Theater: "The Trinity River Plays".

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