Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Chicago Weekend...And Creative Energy...Stay Tuned

Coming up...  Taking advantage of a free weekend to immerse ourselves in Chicago architecture, art, food, and people.  Later this weekend, you'll find here a spirited review of Chicago's Goodman Theater, and the powerful and original 3-Act Play now showing: "The Trinity River Plays".

Another trip to the Art Institute will mark our first time this calendar year, and a promise to myself to explore a new wing, and write about something unfamiliar.  Warming temperatures may prompt a stroll down Michigan Avenue, (to dream of the things we might someday afford to buy there!).

It's coming upon Valentines a visit to a warm and friendly place will be in order...for good drinks, conversation, and food...

Getting away from the sterile, snow-caked conformity of the suburbs, to the stimulation of the city to reflect on  this journey of re-invention....Dipping into the fountain of creativity, to assess things like writing, dreaming, doing....   And finding new ways to weave the threads of the past into a tapestry of discovery and trying something new....Exercising the creative muscle in new reviews of films old and new....and theater....and pushing the boundaries into world politics and other topics I want to explore....a glimpse at new fiction.... and anticipating some travel..

There will be, as always, animals for company, entertainment, heartbreak and wisdom.

I look forward to continuing to share the creative efforts of some talented people I have the good fortune to know through this Journal...and catching up with all of your current posts....We shall pull our energies toward Springtime, and new enthusiasm, and great original thought and writing.

Best to you all...have a good weekend....and feel free to check in later!

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