Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cars Helping Pets...My Late Father's Auto May Save a Small Life

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A death.... Endless, emotional reminders and minutiae....And one proud outcome.

One cannot imagine the all-consuming tasks involved in handling the affairs of one deceased parent, while  desperately coping with the adjustment of the other, mentally challenged parent to a new environment.

Above all that--the unending phone calls, and meetings with banks, lawyers, real estate agents, credit card companies, doctors, nurses, social workers, former employers, and  US government assistance programs-- how do you accept the fact that you have in effect lost both parents? 

How do you slow yourself down enough to reflect, to mourn?

How do you sort through of 50 years worth of "things', some of it sentimental junk, most of it too big to move, and then explain to your mother why she can't go home?  That she will never go home again?  And, finally, to realize that she doesn't remember it all so well?

At least one completed task will turn out well.

My father had a car.  I could have sold the car, but I sought to dispose of it quickly. 

We found a web site called Cars Helping Pets.

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I sent an e-mail. Scheduled the car for towing. Removed the pathetic items that remained from their last ill-fated road trip.  Took off the license plates and readied the deed for transfer. And watched the old Impala disappear down the street where I grew up.

The process was easy.  And, hopefully, the reward will be close to my heart. 

The Cars Helping Pets web site explains:

Your donated vehicle will be sold at the highest possible value and the proceeds from your car donation will be used to bring an end to animal cruelty,  provide medical treatment and caring for countless animals in our local communities, and throughout the nation. Your unwanted vehicle has incredible value, and we can use it to help those who cannot help themselves. Please be a voice by donating your car to Cars Helping Pets today.

Donating my father's car in hopes that it will someday aid unwanted animals has provided one small corner of comfort in what has been a cold and unforgiving process. 

I am now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The blog-world will soon, once again, be privy to the cinematic insights of this older and wiser movie-lover, and well-meaning son.

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  1. I know the bare sadness of the past few months has been indescribably difficult. Take solace in the fact that you are conquering it all ... and your love of animals has brought you back to blogging again. I am so proud of you, Tom!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, and it's good to know there are ways of benefitting those who can't help themselves in these difficult times.

  3. My condolences Tom. I know from having gone through this with my father that the ordeal is completely mind-numbing. I am glad that you took some solace in that a small part of this process was able to improve the lives of needy pets. That is a wonderful gift and your father would be proud.

  4. Thank you, Tom, for sharing this info with all of us. What a great cause. Through the sadness of all that has gone on recently regarding your parents, this is a bright beacon of hope. God bless you.