Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let Oscar Season Begin

It is now 30 minutes before the announcement of this year's Oscar nominations.

Time to get back to living.... back to blogging...back to moviegoing.....  and back to adding my small bit to this art form (and hobby) we call film criticism....

First, though,I want to thank all of you for your understanding, and for your kind words and support, during my sabbatical and period of reflection as I worked through of a mountain of difficult tasks during the last month.  It is not over...but the light is starting to emerge....

Just a brief note before Oscar season kicks off in earnest:

Despite my disappointment with the state of filmmaking over the long Spring and Summer, the movie year has shaped up to be overall one of the most interesting in years.  All of the high-profile Oscar hopefuls, based on the precedents of Critic's Awards, Golden Globes, and word-of-mouth, are movies that I have enjoyed and appreciated on many levels.

This year's potential Oscar nominees are also a decidedly lighthearted bunch, filled with nostalgia for the great literature and art and filmmaking of days gone by; and proving, by their audacious appearance on big screens in 2012, that we can still be entertained, stimulated, and aesthetically pleased by classic movie subjects and techniques that are in danger of being obliterated by studios in their search for big audiences.

Look for more---much more--about this idea in subsequent posts.....

Meanwhile, I will be cheering for the following favorites, should they be announced in the next 20 minutes:
"The Artist"..  Meryl Streeep..."Midnight in Paris"... Michael Fassbender... Viola Davis...  "Hugo"....  Ludovic Bource..... "The Descendants".......Michelle Williams.... Martin Scorsese...  Joseph Gordon-Levitt... Christopher Plummer...  "Moneyball".... Jessica Chastain.... Emmanuel Luzbecki... Octavia Spencer.... Jean Dujardin.... Michael Hazavanicius... "The Help"....George Clooney....Corey Stoll...  WOODY... TERRENCE...."TREE OF LIFE!"  (and a little groan if I hear the words Edgar, Bridesmaids, or Tattoo)...

And a special shout-out to the Best Supporting Actors of the Year who will not be nominated...Uggie and Cosmo.

Here's to a fun, artistic, and enlightening Oscar contest....


  1. But, you're not rooting for Glenn :(

    I' glad you got your wish with The Tree of Life, not specifically a favourite mine but a lovely film and definitely a more than deserving nominee.

  2. Andrew--
    Thank you for your message. Yes, I am very happy to see Terrence Malick and his film be mentioned. That made my Oscar season complete.

    I LOVE Glenn Close... If I failed to mention her, it was because I have not yet seen Albert Nobbs... I hope she will be right up there, as soon as the film is released here in Chicago, and I have a chance to see it.

    I am behind on my reviews....so I will just say right now that I cannot imagine anyone giving a more moving and brilliant performance ths year than Meryl..... But we'll see!

  3. So were you cheering or jeering? From you list I suspect you were largely appreciative of the Academy choices even though a few of your faves didn't make the cut.

    How does Iron Lady compare to J Edgar as a film - your still one ahead of me on that - does it have the same issues of whitewashing legacy?

    P.S. I hope you're OK.