Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving: Loving Friends, Memories of Family Gatherings...and Dogs

Thanksgiving, in spite of the well-intentioned efforts of my sister and I, began in a melancholy way. We did our best to give our aging, ailing parents a nice meal and some company; both of them are in various stages of suffering and stubbornness.  The meal turned out well. We cleaned up.  It was draining and sad, to see what our family has come to. I left feeling subdued.

Later, in the company of Mark, Jillian, his sons Nick and Kirk, and Nick's girlfriend Stephanie, I retreated to a quaint nearby village to enjoy a stress-free meal, filled with anecdotes, and good fun and conversation.  We convened afterward for a thoughtful and emotional new film, "The Descendants", which I will review this weekend.

With so many great films in release, and more to come, I am making up for lost time by viewing and reviewing on this blog as many as I can keep up with.  Perhaps I am at a point in my re-invention where I am finally living the life of a film critic (albeit, as yet, an unpaid one!)

In the process I have neglected some other favorite topics of interest, and have not made too many "personal appearances" of late.  I look forward to adding more variety to my posts as the year comes to a close.

And so I send this message of gratitude for the people who make this world a nicer place for me to be, especially those with whom I spent time this evening,.

And I want to remember some other creatures that keep me sane, and to whom I want to dedicate the holiday... And so, since Mark has fallen asleep on the couch across the room, I will send a short greeting to my canine friends....

*       *       *       *       *      *       *

Congratulations to the winner of today's National Dog Show, Steele Your Heart, a four-year-old wire fox terrier.

eira winner national dog show 2011

The Basset Hound in this year's competition was enormously lovable, sweet, and me, all characteristics of the breed in general. I just had to share this video..check out the bounce, and the jowls, and that eager energy... 

*       *       *       *       *       *

I miss sharing a meal with a humorous, frantically focused dog companion.  If I had my way....
Thanksgiving Feast - Thankful Puppy 320 x 480

Hope my readers enjoyed their day.

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