Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Favorite Blogger Takes a Break--Sunday Journal #2

I want to recognize a fellow blogger, Ben of Runs Like A Gay, who has decided to take an indefinite break from writing.

Ben, who has been a prolific purveyor of film news, celebrity birthday greetings, and thought-provoking movie reviews for over three years, made a bold statement in his post yesterday: that he no longer enjoys writing.

I think it is courageous for a writer to admit when the pleasure has gone, and it has become merely a chore. 

Almost everyone in any profession, vocation, or hobby, confronts that moment when the activity seems to be nothing more than an obligation, when the original passion, fun, and satisfaction is no longer driving one's efforts.

This is especially difficult when the activity is a creative one.  I applaud Ben and others who feel they need to take some time away, for their sake and for the sake of their art, rather than continue, and risk their work becoming tired.

I never felt that Ben's work was tired, or forced.  I think he has a lot to give to the blogosphere, and to all of us writers and movie lovers who toil at this lonely thing called blogging, in hopes that we satisfy our readers, whoever they are,  whether they grace us with comments or not. 

Ben, I will remember our debates, and will always cherish the chocolate reward from a past contest.  Most of all, thank you for supporting me, a fellow blogger, with your thoughtful comments and praise, while I did the best I could to say what I think, and feel. 

In the next few weeks, I will make an effort to recognize others of you who have visited these pages, who have regularly provided encouragement, and whose work I enjoy, and learn from, like Ben's.

Take your time, Ben.  Refill your pipeline. I hope that very soon you feel that spark, that motivation to write because you just have to, and because nothing else will satisfy you more.

Until then, all the best, and know that you are welcome here any time.

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