Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Animal Rescue Images--A Personal Wednesday Journal

This was another one of those "I need a sad movie to help me cry" days....

Images of family members, as I remember them...words like "depression" and "psychosis" and "dementia" and "heart tumor"....  and an uncertain future, no matter how we dream, or make plans....

As always, I found some solace in the company of animals...or, at least, in the images of animals and the kind people who devote themselves to raising them, loving them, rescuing them, and keeping them from harm.

I have been humbled to volunteer with homeless dogs, and am resolved to step up my efforts to care for these creatures, and try to help make their lives bearable. 

In the meantime, I found a little video that reaffirmed my belief that the animals in our midst, and the people who love them, make it worthwhile to get up another morning if I must. (Along with a special few who I am lucky to number among my friends)

If you are not crazy about the music in the background (no disrespect to Sarah McLachlan), do what I did, and enjoy the images with the volume turned down.  Of course, if you need an emotional release, keep the music on.

More animal inspiration later this week...with a smile, as I look at a little town called Dwight, Illinois, and their annual Basset Hound Waddle.

Tomorrow....getting musically inspired, with another visit to my favorite musician, Joni Mitchell....

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