Friday, May 14, 2010

Coming Soon: A New Series on Movies; I am Moving; Current Literature

For the next few days, I will attempt to write some essays that take a closer look at the state of the art of film today, based on topics that have captured the attention of the popular press.  Included will be the following;
--From "Best Years" to "Hurt Locker": Hollywood portrays Returning War Veterans
--The state of film criticism, and a personal defense of "Citizen Kane"
--A reaction to Roger Ebert's essay on the diminishing returtns of 3-D technology
--Gay actors and straight roles, and vice-versa: one writer's opinion on the Newsweek powderkeg

I hope to see some new releases soon, and post my reviews.  "Robin Hood" attracts me on the promise of two dynamic and talented performers, Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.  "Please Give" is the kind of small and intriguing character-driven comedy-drama that that was once a Hollywood staple.

I may also revisit old favorites and classics from the warm confines of our cozy home-screening-room, and hopefully generate excitement in returning to older favorites, and perhaps start some discussion around these. 

I am in the midst of moving, having miraculously sold my condominium, which has been my "home" for 16 years.  I believe there is some good material for emotional, funny, and surprising personal essays.

Finally, I will come back to a favorite piece of recent literature, "Olive Kitteridge", after I attend a book discussion next Monday.

Thanks for staying tuned.....


  1. You got a lot going on, Tom! Congrats on selling your condo. I look forward to your future essays.

  2. Congrats on the sale of your condo. Good luck with the move and I hope it goes smoothly for you.