Monday, July 4, 2011

July May Be A Significant Month...A Monday Journal

Tom: July 6, 19--
                           Mark: July 6, 19-- (same as above)

Two things promise to make July a significant month, if not a turning point, in the reinvention of this writer.

1) I just received a new camera from Mark to commemorate the birthday.  It is beyond belief that, for the last couple of decades I have not had a camera of my own.  Once upon a time, you could not see me without my Super-8 movie camera.  When that became obsolete, I just never acquired another camera of any kind. I have taken photos with a camera Mark and I have shared.   For a guy like me who often thinks in pictures, this could mean the beginning of a new direction, one that I never followed and perhaps should have.  This camera is HD and allows for up to 1,000 stills and 4 hours of motion pictures on one memory card.
(I can feel the spirits of Bergman and Fellini, Fosse and Malick, seeping into my consciousness....)

2. I am finally traveling to Italy.  At the end of the month we are joining a very small tour group (about 8 people) to immerse ourselves in Roman history and Florentine art, and bask in the countryside and culinary splendors in between.
More...much the day approaches. 

Coming Up: A weekend at a unique inn, named for the first female resident of Evanston, Illinois
Reviews of "Super-8" and "Beginners"!


  1. Happy early birthday Tom and Mark! Indeed those are certainly noteworthy of celebration! Congrats on your new camera too! I hope it opens up yet another facet of your creativity for us all to enjoy. I can't wait to see your photos and read your essays from your trip to Italy! How exciting!

  2. Hooray - I'm all the more excited to hear your thoughts on Super 8 after all this camera talk... :)

  3. Tom I am very anxious for you to check your email... Tom and I sent a package to you a couple of weeks ago and we want to make sure you have received it. I truly hope you are not offended by it at all. It was made especially for you and Mark with good intentions.